Support and Understanding

Saint Verena Hospice Care has decades of practical knowledge of patient care and hospice care specifically.

Saint Verena Hospice Care is a medical provider that focuses only on care for the dying.  We are prepared for and willing to be there at the hard times in our patients' lives.  We are tender and warmhearted people and you won't find us shying away from the scary times.  We know they are scary for you, and we are there to support you.

We are comfortable addressing issues and answering questions.  Don't be shy about crying or laughing.  We get to know our patients and their families very well over the course of care, and we truly have an interest in making people feel at ease.



Each of our patient care team has answered "the call" to be in hospice.  We love what we do and how we serve our community.  We hope that we can be a source of strength and assistance for our patients and their families.