Oxygen is a combustible material.  If the tank or the air leaving the tank through the mask is exposed to flame or spark (for instance, while smoking or cooking food at a gas stove), explosion or fire is likely, causing injury or even death.  Do not expose oxygen tank or equipment to flame.

The oxygen tank has a knob to control the flow of oxygen into the mask or cannula.  According to the doctor's and nurse's instructions, adjust the flow of oxygen to the desired level and place the mask or cannula appropriately and breathe normally.  

An oxygen tank is a cylindrical pressurized tank that is green in color.  It has a dial knob for adjusting the flow of oxygen from the tank into a mask.  The mask can either be cuplike and fit over the patients nose and mouth, or can be a cannula, a small flexible plastic tube with hollow prongs that rest gently on the upper lip and flow oxygen into the nose. 

Oxygen is an element essential for body processes, brought into the body by breathing.  As the body processes decline and breathing slows or becomes difficult, oxygen is not easily brought into the body, causing lethargy and additional shortness of breath.  Oxygen can be provided to help with these symptoms.

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