If a hospital bed is needed for better patient care, an air mattress will be delivered for use as well.

If a patient is becoming less mobile, an air mattress will help mitigate the pressure of the body on the delicate skin of the back body, preventing pressure ulcers (bed sores). However, pressure sores are only preventable through repositioning of the body to alleviate the body pressure on the skin.  It is recommended that the patient's body is repositioned every two hours to prevent pressure ulcers. 

Air Mattress

When to Use an Air Mattress

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores) are very common in limited mobility people.  The pressure of body weight pressing delicate skin against an object (i.e. a mattress, chair pad, arm rest, or pillow) will cause the skin to breakdown over time.  Pressure ulcers are very painful and can become easily infected if untreated. 

Prevention of pressure ulcers includes:

  • Keeping the skin dry.  If incontinence is present, frequent changing of the diaper and any wet material is integral.
  • Reposition of the person every two hours.
  • Use of calmoseptine and A + D lotions.  These lotions act as a barrier between skin and the diaper, clothing, or bed sheet.  

A specialized air mattress is provided with the hospital bed.  The air mattress is low air loss and helps prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores).