About Saint Verena Hospice Care

Namesake, Logo, and Creed

Saint Verena Hospice Care is named after Saint Verena of the Third Century.  Saint Verena was a nurse for the Thebean Army Legion in Egypt.  She selflessly provided care for the very ill without fear of infection for herself.  

Our logo includes the ankh , an ancient Egyptian symbol known as the Key of Life. The ankh represents the belief of eternal life, that our time on Earth is only the beginning. 

Our creed is a quote by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.  It reads, 

"Your actions, in passing, pass not away,

For every good deed is a grain of seed

For eternal life."

We believe that a life filled with good deeds will allow the liver to continue on after an earthly death into a beautiful afterlife.

The Team

  • We believe there are two truths in a person's life: they are born, and they will die. We believe that a person's death is worthy of the same care and attention as a person's birth.  
  • We work hard to ensure that our patients are loved and cared for as if they were our own family.
  • We care for the entire patient.  We don't see the patient as "just a diagnosis".  We care for all conditions of the patient, not just the terminal diagnosis.  
  • We care for the patient's body, mind, and soul.  We have the best trained nurses and counselors, and have weekly recreational activities available.
  • We believe every person is worth celebrating. We love to call attention to birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special events.  
  • A patient is a person first, and we never forget this fact.

Our Philosphy


The administration team works in the home office in Brea, CA, providing front office support for patients and the heathcare team.

Medical Director
Provides direction for medical care, including prescription, laboratory, and therapy requests.

Director of Patient Care
Conducts the preliminary assessment upon admission.  A partner to the Medical Director, the director of Patient Care acts as a liason between the patient and family and the rest of the heath care team.  The DPC also is a visit nurse.

Visit Nurses
Under direction of the Medical Director and the Director of Patient Care, the visit nurses provide physical care for the patient.

Spiritual Counselors/Bereavement Counselors
The spiritual counselors provide care for the spiritual and religious needs of the patient and family.

Home Health Aides

The heath aides provide hygiene care for our patients, including bathing and incontinence care.


Physical, speech, and occupational therapists provide complementary services to aid our patients and their families in soothing discomfort and pain.


We have contacts with local community organizations to provide additional services to our patients and their families.